Why buy now? Why buy in Hamakua?
In these challenging times, advice comes from all directions: There are alarmists who cry out “Don’t buy anything NOW! The future is too uncertain! Its almost 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar: the end of the world!” And there are those who advise and say “No matter what, you should always do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. When everyone is buying – Sell! If everyone is selling – Buy!”

Fact is: We may never in our lifetimes see interest rates, OR prices this low again. This would seem to be a winning combination for purchasing Real Estate. Many experts feel the best way to preserve the value of your money is to invest in Property. I see their point: If you have money, what else should you do with it? Invest in the Stock market? Buy precious metals? Let the value disappear in inflation? For those who have cash, or those who qualify for a mortgage, now is an excellent time to buy Real Estate.

Real Estate prices are lower all across the US—why buy Real Estate in Hamakua?
I have been very blessed to live in Hamakua for the past 20 years. A friendly community, great weather, enough rainfall to keep everything green, everywhere magnificent views of the ocean; these are some of the reasons that keep me in love with this area of the planet.
If the world gets crazier (which seems likely) living 3,000 miles from any continent, in an environment where you can grow your own food and don’t have to worry about keeping warm (or cool), starts to make a lot of sense.
Right now we have a turn key farm-complete with tractor, cows and chickens as well as a greenhouse so a person can truly grow their own food year round while enjoying 180 degree ocean views-Private and remote yet with high speed internet access so you can get ‘away from it all’ while still having everything you need at your fingertips. Maybe the question shouldn’t be “Why buy in Hamakua? But rather “How soon can you get here?”