I step out of my home below Kalopa Park with my hat on my head, and carrots in my pocket. I begin to warm up ambling up my short gravel driveway to reach Kalaniai Road. Picking up the step I head down the gentle slope. The day’s breeze is starting to pick up with the rich grassy sent of the surroundings. Past the pasture with some lazy cows glancing up to check me out. Not a car goes past. Some dirt in the road near the well trampled wild pig path crossing Kalaniai is evidence of recent use. As I round the arcing curve of the road, the horizon and vast Pacific open up before me. I continue to Keahua road and look to see which pasture my friend (a horse named Mr. Z) is in today.
Mr. Z sees me and trots over to me, knowing I always have carrots. He nudges my chest for the treat and allows me to rub his neck. We share a brief camaraderie as he munches the carrot and I tell him what a great guy he is.
Then I’m off with a brisk mile long walk to Kalopa State Park. As I head back toward my home, one car comes by and a wave is exchanged. This daily walk with the clean, sweet air filtered by 3 thousand miles of ocean reminds me why I love to live Hamakua.